How to make an Appointment for a dog or cat with a heart problem.

 Unless the appointment is for a heart test for breeding, please call the practice where you would like your cardiology consultation and they will be able to make you an appointment (see clinic location and clinic date tabs).  

A referral from your normal vet will usually be required.
  All heart testing for breeding appointments must be made via (see heart testing tab)

What to expect at the Appointment 

Consultations last approximately 30 minutes and they are usually in the morning. 

 During the consultation we will discuss the history relating to your pets problem and I will give your pet a thorough examination.  I will explain any tests that are advisable.  Every owner and their pet needs individual consideration and there will never be pressure to proceed with tests and treatment. 

Please be prepared to leave your pet after the consultation, for a few hours or even the rest of the day if they need to have tests performed.   Rarely it might be necessary for the pet to stay overnight. 

 It may be possible for owners to stay during some of the tests if they wish to.  Please ask at the time of the consultation.

How to Prepare for the Visit.

Starve your pet from your bed time the night before the consultation, but please leave water freely availble to drink unless you know that an anaesthetic is being given.

 Give all drugs due the morning of the consultation unless you have been instructed to do otherwise. If necessary a small piece of food can be given with the medication.

 If possible, bring a fresh (preferably from that morning) urine sample from your pet.

Allow your pet to empty his bladder and bowels before the consultation EXCEPT for pregnancy diagnosis and abdominal scans. In these cases, the scan is much better if the bladder is full and the bowels are empty (not easy to arrange!). The best plan is to allow the animal to empty his bowels when he gets up. Give him plenty of water to drink but don’t allow him to urinate soon before the consultation.


Full payment after consultation, or when the pet is collected after tests, is required.

Direct insurance claims can only be made when the client normally uses the practice where the clinic is held.

Failure to keep an appointment without notifying the practice may incur the full consultation fee.