Notes for Vets

Clinics at Different Practices.

Most of my patients are from the practice where the clinic is held.  However I do take patients from veterinary surgeries that I am not able to visit.  My  cardiologist colleague Phil also runs cardiology clinics at Hallam Veterinary Centre.


The clients are welcome to make their own appointments or you can do it for them.  Please give them the website address where they can find further details.

I would be grateful if you could ask the owner to bring their pet starved and please send the history, referral letter and any radiographs, blood test results etc. 

Contacting Vicky & Urgent Cases

If you wish to talk on the phone, please call any of the practices and they will get a message to me to call you back.  Please let them know if it is urgent. Also you could call the practice where I am holding a clinic on that day or call my mobile number directly.

 If I am not available to see an urgent case, Phil Tricklebank at Hallam Vet Centre should be contacted. 

There is another E mail address for me that many veterinary surgeons use and are welcome to continue using.  The E mail given in the contact tab ( is checked less frequently but usually once daily.