How to make an appointment for Heart Screening (only for healthy dogs and cats, usually for breeding). 

This cannot be done directly via the practices but only via  Any other information not found below is available via email as well.

There are appointments available during the weekday clinics in Sheffield and Bollington and some at occasional Sunday heart testing days.  They are usually booked up quite far in advance.


 Stethoscope Test (Boxers and many other dogs without special schemes) £65

Cats for HCM and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for mandatory KC Scheme £150

Dog breeds requiring echocardiography and examination for heart tests (eg Newfoundlands) £265

How to prepare for an appointment

The dog or cat needs to be micro- chipped (this can be done on the day of the heart test).

 Please bring the pedigree registration documents with you to the heart test.  Please do not give your pet breakfast on that day.

Further Information

Much detailed information about heart screening can be found on the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society website - see link below.

The Kennel Club website has a section on Health Testing and Screening which has information about all the tests for different breeds.

GCCF has information about HCM screening in cats including the negative register